De basis van de muziektheorie en praktische toepassingen met ondersteuning van leuk oefenmateriaal in een cursus van 10 lessen

leeftijd: vanaf 12 jaar

wanneer: vrijdag van 20.45 – 21.45 uur.

docent: Sebastiano Terzuolo

waar: Hereplein 73

start: bij voldoende deelname

kosten: €50

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Dit zeg Sebastiano er zelf over:

If you’ve ever thought of music theory as something abstract, complicated, or even irrelevant when it comes to enjoying your favourite songs, I’m here to change your mind completely!
Music theory is something that has practical applications, and will help you find the answers to a lot of questions. Ever wondered what makes that specific tune that you’re enjoying lately sound so good? Or what chord should you write next in that song you’ve been writing on your guitar? Or what really happens when someone plays a wrong note? As a professional arranger and composer, I will guide you through an immersing 10-week course where you’ll dive into a new, fascinating world. You’ll work with the other participants to find out everything there is to know about music notation and rhythm, unravel the mysteries of scales and modes, master the fundamental blocks of harmony and, finally, you’ll end up writing your own music! During the lessons, every new concept will be backed up by concrete examples and possible applications; you will also receive hand out material and easy, fun weekly assignments to help you progress. After this beginners course is complete, an intermediate level will be available for you, where we will start getting serious about chord progressions, reharmonization, and jazz theory. I can’t wait to see you all in class!

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